Jianjay Potter and Grace Zardon in Monrovia, Liberia.

For Ebola patients, a way to see the faces of those helping


Imagine being in a hospital with a deadly illness and you can’t see the faces of the people caring for you. That’s what it’s like for Ebola patients. And it’s what Los Angeles-based artist Mary Beth Heffernan went to Liberia to change.

Student at Gibson High School in Monrovia, Deborah Natt,16, is smiling to be back at school. At every entrance there is a handwashing station.

As Ebola loosens grip, Liberia’s schools begin re-opening

A health worker checks the temperature of a man at a roadside medical checkpoint outside Ganta, Liberia.

How Liberians confronting Ebola manage to keep calm while Americans panic

Customers must wash their hands in chlorinated water before entering the boutique, Moie, owned by Patrice Juah in Monrovia, Liberia.

Welcome to the ‘non-stop, nerve-wracking, temperature-taking, handshake-prohibiting Ebola ride’

A fan of Ivory coast holds a sign with a message against Ebola during the 2015 African Nations Cup qualifying soccer match between Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

Why Ebola patients are being turned away at the gates of treatment centers in Liberia


Liberia reacts to President’s Nobel Peace Prize

Two Liberian women shared this year’s Nobel Peace Prize with a woman from Yemen. The news provoked celebrations and pride in many parts of Liberia, though not everyone is happy.

Will Nobel Prize winner lose Liberian election?

Despite winning this year’s Nobel Prize, incumbent President Ellen Johnson may not win Liberia’s upcoming election.

Liberia Rebrands Itself as Cruise Destination

Arts, Culture & Media

Liberia is trying to rebuild its tourism industry, almost 10 years after the country’s brutal civil war ended. This week, it welcomed its largest group of tourists in decades, when a cruise ship docked in Monrovia. Bonnie Allen has the story.

Reporter Threatened Over Female Circumcision Story in Liberia

Conflict & Justice

A journalist in Liberia has gone into hiding after receiving threats related to a story she wrote on female circumcision. Female genital mutilation has received a lot of attention in the Western media; in Liberia remains extremely sensitive.

The World

Monrovia Protest Turns Deadly Ahead of Liberia’s Presidential Run-off

Global Politics

At least one person has died after shots were reportedly fired during an opposition protest in Monrovia ahead of Liberia’s presidential run-off.