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As American as Andy Warhol

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Handpicked by President Obama as the host city of last week’s G-20 economic conference, Pittsburgh may finally be getting its due. While most news coverage of the event was more concerned with the art of global financial negotiations than with the artwork hanging on the walls of the city’s museums, a different kind of story […]

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At the Sound of the Beep

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Voilà! #BlackGirlMagic Explained (with the Help of Some Magical Memes)

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How a ‘Designer’s Designer’ Made the World Take Note

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Former President and First Lady Michelle Obama dance together at the Governors Ball in 2009.

Reflecting on eight years of Obama’s executive actions and ‘dad jeans’

U.S. First lady Michelle Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Nigeria, ‘it’s unanimous’ — Michelle Obama for POTUS

Global Politics

Today in Lagos, this Nigerian’s Twitter feed is full of tweets about America’s first lady.

Michelle Obama DNC lead

Three essential takeaways from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech

Election 2016

If you missed the first lady’s speech on Monday night, here’s why you should watch it now.

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Before Barack Obama: The young Michelle Obama


A new biography shows a family cramped into a tight bungalow, pinching pennies, enduring slights and slurs. “It was very disciplined,” Michelle Obama recalls. Her big brother says he didn’t realize they were poor until he went to college.

Michelle Obama in Japan

Michelle Obama advocates for girls in Japan while women struggle


First lady Michelle Obama promoted girls education in developing countries alongside her Japanese counterpart Akie Abe. But she avoided the elephant in the room — Japan’s own struggles with gender inequity.

Michelle Obama and Nelson Mandela

Remembering Nelson Mandela and his colorful shirts

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Over the years, many people met with the late Nelson Mandela, who often sported a colorful African shirt for the occasion.