mass incarceration

The icon for female is behind bars surrounded by a brick wall.

There are more women in prison than ever before


Our series takes a global look at the problem: why women are ending up in prison, what it’s like for them inside and how activists are fighting to keep people out.

Nancy Polanco Najera

As more women are incarcerated in Mexico, so are their babies

A portrait of inmate Carmela Rodriguez Reyes in Mexico.

Women filling Mexico’s prisons are the ‘lowest rungs of the drug trade’

A relative of a prisoner sat on Jan. 3 outside Anisio Jobim prison in Manaus, Brazil

Brazil’s deadly prison riot is just one piece of a bigger drug gang war

Kelly Orians facilitates a weekly discussion group for formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs. Until their new space is fully renovated, they meet in the back of an events hall in New Orleans' Gentilly neighborhood.

Getting out of prison it’s hard to find a job. Why not help ex-prisoners start their own businesses?

obama in prison

Harvey Silverglate: Would Obama recognize criminal justice reform if it stuck him in the eye?


What the president got wrong about criminal justice reform.