NYC traffic and pedestrians

New York City gets nation’s first congestion pricing plan


New York City just became the first city in the US to adopt a congestion pricing plan. The plan is expected to raise about $1.5 billion in revenue every year, mostly for its crumbling subway system.

A woman speaks to a crowd gathered around her.

Statue of Liberty climber says she’s not done protesting ‘white supremacy’


Eight killed and numerous others injured in Manhattan attack called ‘terrorism’

The FAO Schwarz bear landed at the Floating Hospital for Children at the Tufts Medical Center after the company's Boston store was closed in 2004.

FAO, I hardly knew you

The World

From Adam Clayton Powell Jr. to Charles Rangel: the past and future of Harlem’s political leadership

Conflict & Justice

Nereida Comes to America

Sarah Jones channels a young Dominican immigrant living in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. “Nereida” tells the story of her family’s first miracle in America. (Originally aired: July 18, 2008)

VIDEO: New York Police evict Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park

Global Politics

After nearly two months, the New York Police swept into Zucotti Park Tuesday night, ordering Occupy Wall Street protesters to leave the park with their belongings, or be arrested. About 150 protesters were taken into police custody.

How Irish immigrants in New York City see immigration reform

Arts, Culture & Media

While the debate on immigration has centered on immigrants from Latin America, there is another group whose ranks have ebbed and flowed, especially in New York: Irish immigrants.

Effects of Climate Change on New York City

We take a look back at a 2003 LOE documentary that predicted the kind of storm surge that hit New York City. We update the story with a scientist featured in that report, currently flooded out of his New York area home.

A Two-Mile Island in the Wake of Sandy

Imagine an island only two miles wide. Like all islands, it’s surrounded by water. But oddly, most of that water is walled off or separated from the island’s 1.6 million inhabitants. Only on rare occasions do the inhabitants even touch the water; and usually, it’s because the water is being brought to them through a […]