A man is shown laying on mud-covered mangroves wearing only green shorts with his left arm in the mud to his shoulder.

Brazil’s mangroves on the front line of climate change

Climate Change

Scientists have warned that water temperatures are increasing far faster than expected, which drives rising sea levels. Many suggest Brazil’s large mangrove forest, a vital protection against climate change, are on the front lines.

A group of Tanzanians wearing bright colorful clothes ride in a boat.

Nearly swallowed by the sea, a small island in Tanzania fights against climate change

Climate Change
Hurricane Maria aftermath

Puerto Rico’s tropical forests are showing resilience after Hurricane Maria

Ukraine may be heading for a crash as it gets pulled in two directions

Global Scan

Saved by the Mangroves? A Philippine town dodges Haiyan’s storm surge


Coastal Carbon Sink

A new report put out by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) demonstrates that coastal marine environments are highly efficient at sequestering carbon, so are vitally important to protect.

Mangrove Destruction Put Myanmar at Risk

In the aftermath of the cyclone, many scientists believe that Myanmar’s lack of mangroves, cut down for wood and to make way for shrimp farms and development, increased the impact of the cyclone and the loss of lives and damage of Burma’s coastal regions.