lobster fishing boat at sea

Maine’s lobster industry is still feeling the effects of the trade war with China

As US-China relations continue to deteriorate over China’s messaging on Taiwan, the Biden administration recently announced it won’t remove tariffs on Chinese goods put in place by former President Donald Trump. The news is a blow to businesses that do substantial business with China.

A lobster, up close, with a blue rubber band on its claw.

Do lobsters feel pain? The British Parliament wants to know.


At New Year’s tables across China, this year’s culinary bling: Maine lobster

A freshly caught lobster sits in a holding tank before being delivered to a wholesaler in Portland, Maine.

Here’s how the low-rent lobster became an expensive global star

The lobster rolls at The Clam Digger, a restaurant in New Brunswick, Canada

A tidier, more polite lobster roll … courtesy of Canada


Clash Over Canadian Lobster Catch

Global Politics

Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are at odds over the size of lobsters that fishermen are allowed to catch in the Northumberland Strait.

Lobsters in the Pot

Perhaps the most famous of Maine’s marine animals is threatened by overfishing, research shows. Lobster populations in the Gulf of Maine, as well as up and down the Northeast coast, are at risk of collapse, even though this year’s catch is high, and prices are low. Steve Curwood asked Andrew Rosenberg, the Deputy Director of […]

Health Note

Living On Earth’s Maggie Villiger reports on what spiny lobsters have in common with virtuoso violinists.

The World

Lobster: the new bargain cuisine?

In times of economic crisis, rice and beans seem to be the most appropriate menu item, so what is Melissa Clark doing cooking up lobster?