Free Syrian Army fighters prepare rockets

Islamist rebels use the faces of martyrs to recruit new ones

Conflict & Justice

Images of smiling corpses might seem like a turn-off to many, but Islamist rebels in Syria have been posting these photos on social sites to attract new fighters.

Residents Struggle to Find Common Ground Inside Syria

Clashing Perspectives From Syria’s Coastal City of Latakia

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Syrian Alawite defector lives life stuck between two worlds

Syrian government unleases navy vessels in Latakia

Syrian Vintner Carries On in a Time of War

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The war in Syria has been devastating in many ways: But life has to go on. That’s the sense you get speaking to Sandro Saadé. Despite the war in Syria, he’s managed to keep the Bargylus vineyard and winery up and running in northwest Syria.

Syrian Alawite Defector in Limbo

Conflict & Justice

A Syrian Alawite defector fled his country and joined the rebels in Antakya, Turkey. Now, he is shunned by his Alawite community back home, and the rebels don’t entirely trust him.

Military Attacks on Syrian Port as Refugees Flee

All week we’ve been reporting on the increasing violence in Syria. It has now been reported that thousands of Palestinian refugees have been forced to flee a camp in the Syrian port of Latakia after days of shelling by President Assad’s troops.  Syria says it is tackling gangs, but at least 30 people are reported to […]

The Human Rights Situation in Syria

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Abdul Omar of the London-based Syrian British Solidarity Campaign says this latest attack is different.

Assault On Syria Port Intensifies

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Syrian forces are continuing their crackdown on protesters in the port city of Latakia for a third day, reportedly using tanks and gunboats.