At one point one-third of Laos had a US bomb on it.

How a secret US war created a new generation of Americans who changed foreign policy


How did the US go from being a country that denied secretly bombing Laos to finally taking responsibility, 40 years later?


President Obama’s final China trip highlights “pivot to Asia”

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Drones help identify objects on Laos's historic Plain of Jars

Drones allow access to a historic site in Laos that American bombs made off-limits


Timber Smuggling in Southeast Asia

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Critics Worried About Dam Along Mekong River

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The Battery of Southeast Asia

The small country Laos wants to pay for development by building dams and selling the power generated by the Mekong River. But many environmental groups fear dams will devastate Laos’ unique biodiversity.

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Alexandra Bounxouei

Arts, Culture & Media

Alexandra Bounxouei is a teen idol in Laos. She’s young and vivacious, with a legion of fans at home and around the world. She’s also a classically trained violinist. Mary Stucky has the story of the ‘Lao Princess of Pop.’

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Laos’ sticky situation


The Laos government has set a goal to reforest their nation. Now, scientists are working with farmers to produce profitable harvests by finding higher yielding varieties of the rice that Laotians prefer – sticky rice. On Living on Earth.