Internment of Japanese Americans

A black and white photo of a Japanese family (woman, man, child) sitting in a kitchen setting.

The long-lasting scars of Japanese American internment

Critical State

Critical State, our weekly global security newsletter, takes a deep dive into new research on how the scars conflict leaves on regular civilians express themselves in post-conflict politics. In a new working paper, political scientists look into the long-term effects of Japanese internment camps in the US.

(Left to right) Gwen Muranaka, Mikey Hirano Culross and Mario Reyes, in the newsroom of the last remaining Japanese American daily newspaper, the Rafu Shimpo in downtown Los Angeles, 2010.

A Japanese American newspaper chronicles the ‘searing’ history of immigrant incarceration

A solider with a rifle watches while men carrying suitcases line up next to a train.

The US imprisoned Japanese Peruvians in Texas, then said they entered ‘illegally’