Bernie Sanders sits in a bus next to a woman, a diabetes patient

Caravans to Canada: Americans desperate for affordable drugs spark concerns about shortages

Health & Medicine

Patient caravans making trips across US border spark fear of shortages, while health advocates warn against mass drug importations from Canada.

A woman makes a purchase at a store in Tehran.

Iranian entrepreneurs are ‘dreaming of the doors opening’ to the West

Global Politics
Cambodian children

The Khmer Rouge may be partly to blame for diabetes in Cambodia

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Children with Type 2 diabetes not responding to drug treatment

Health & Medicine

A better way for type 1 diabetics

Innovative Design Turns Insulin Pump Into Fashion Accessory

All month we’ve been talking about innovation –  speaking to innovative people and discussing innovative ideas. Now  we hear from   a woman who has designed a product for diabetics that not only solves a problem but is changing attitudes too.  Jessica Floeh  is the creator of Hanky Pancreas, a line of insulin pump accessories –  scarves, neck pieces and other […]

BPA Update

New research shows further human health effects of the petrochemical bisphenol A, widely used in food containers and clear plastics.