flu shot

Scientists have developed a bandagelike patch that could painlessly replace the flu shot


What’s more, you could apply it at home.

Climate change march

It’s possible to ‘inoculate’ the mind against climate misinformation, a new study shows

Reading the newspaper

Can we develop immunity against fake news?

A pair of Sierra Nevada mountain yellow-legged frogs (Rana sierrae) is pictured here. Populations have been devastated in recent years by the chytrid fungus.

Scientists try to save this frog species from being wiped out by fungus

The World

Why 21st-century anti-vaxxers have nothing on their 18th-century counterparts

Innoculation always prompts anxiety. Here's how France dealt with it three centuries ago.

How France used fashion to spread the message to vaccinate


In the 18th century, King Louis XVI underwent a highly controversial medical procedure: smallpox inoculation. To commemorate his new immunity, milliners in France concocted a new fashion. A historian says we need a gimmick like that today to help us through a measles outbreak.