Impeachment in the United States

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‘Wishful thinking’: Chief justice no savior for liberals at Trump trial

Trump impeachment

Some Democratic senators, liberal activists and commentators had wanted Chief Justice John Roberts to play an active rather than a largely ceremonial role in the historic proceedings, perhaps even summoning witnesses despite opposition from Trump’s fellow Republicans who control the Senate.

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Turley: Impeachment trial witnesses could be ‘live torpedoes in the water’

Trump impeachment
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Impeachment trial in the Senate: How Trump was acquitted

Trump impeachment
US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks

McConnell says Republicans have the votes to set impeachment trial rules

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Impeachment comes to the Senate — 5 questions answered

Trump impeachment
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Democrats push forward as Pelosi moves for articles of impeachment

Trump impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will proceed with articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump. The Judiciary panel could vote as early as next Thursday to recommend impeachment charges to the full House.

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Could President Trump be impeached and convicted — but also reelected?


An American legal and political history scholar says that careful examination of the Constitution suggests President Trump could be reelected even if he is removed through impeachment.

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How impeachment works


Let’s talk about the “I” word.

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Blagojevich impeachment trial gets underway

Global Politics

Things aren’t looking good for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whose impeachment trial starts today. Amanda Vinicky, reporter for Illinois Public Radio, joins Adaora and Katherine with a look at the Governor’s future.

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Report: no improper contact between Obama staffers and Blagojevich

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Obama’s aides will release a report today reportedly showing his transition team is clean. Meanwhile, the Illinois state senate committee considering impeachment of Blagojevich ended its work for the week without coming to any definitive conclusions.