Health promotion

Rationing toward sensible health care

For health care to work in America, experts say that patients need to accept less care, and providers need to earn less money.

Maternal mortality in Afghanistan

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Health care as a human right

Global Politics

Saving trillions in health care, one patient at a time

China’s far-from universal health care

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The impact of social factors on global health

Health & Medicine

A new report by the World Health Organization focuses on the social factors — like poverty and unemployment — that determine people’s health.

Health disparities

Health & Medicine

The state of health care and the disproportionate number of people, mostly of color, who get sick or die from disease or chronic illness.

Polling on the Affordable Care Act Reveals Lack of Understanding and Pessimism

As the United States approaches the roll-out of the final most complex phases of the  Affordable  Care Act, The Takeaway is examining the impact on the current healthcare system and hurdles associated with implementation.   We partnered with YouGov to run a nationally representative Omnibus Survey of 1000 U.S adults on the Affordable Care Act. The results below […]

Local Perspectives on the Affordable Care Act

      It has been three years since President Obama signed the Health Care Reform bill into law, but according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, four out of ten American adults are still unaware that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, law. In addition they found that roughly half of American adults […]

Environmental Health Note/Brush Up

Living on Earth’s Jennifer Chu reports that brushing your teeth daily could reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.