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A woman is shown wearing a medical mask and carrying a bag while standing in front of doors with graffiti painted on them

Discussion: Pandemic exposes health inequities in vulnerable communities

With the coronavirus pandemic making its way around the globe, poor communities and communities of color have been hit particularly hard, exposing longstanding health disparities. As part of our weekly series, The World’s Elana Gordon moderated a conversation with Dr. Mary Bassett, director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University and former commissioner of health for New York City.

Elizabeth Warren wears a red blazer and speaks with one hand in the air.

Health care reform: The ‘insurance company model’ is flawed, says historian

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These Chilean women joined thousands suing for discriminatory health insurance. Can reforms fix it?

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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren each stand at their podiums on the debate stage

Is Canada’s health care system a cure-all?

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One surgeon suggests health care decisions in America are too often dictated by money


Obamacare health exchanges go live, so why aren’t the poor celebrating?

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Obamacare turns the healthcare system in the United States and tilts it a bit. And while most experts say it will reduce costs for the poorest, some Americans are wondering how they’ll pay.

The doctor will see (all of) you now

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Doctors are seeing certain groups of patients together to increase efficiency. And while some have criticized the practice’s privacy implications, some patients have found the groups to be small communities of people going through similar situations.

Germans struggle to understand American resistance to healthcare reform

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Germans have had a form of national healthcare for about 100 years. Conservative and liberals, employees and employers all embrace the national system as one that leads to a healthier, more productive workforce. So, when it comes to understanding the U.S. debate, they’re left scratching their heads.

Poll finds vast majority of Massachusetts residents like Romneycare

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New polling suggests that Mitt Romney’s healthcare reform law in Massachusetts, which President Barack Obama has held up as a model for his plan, is supported by an overwhelming margin by Massachusetts residents — supports its held basically since it was introduced.

Rationing toward sensible health care

For health care to work in America, experts say that patients need to accept less care, and providers need to earn less money.