Health care reform

At Sunday's protests against hospital closures and medical layoffs in Moscow, one sign featured Putin as a skeleton. The sign reads: "You don't need treatment."

Russia is imposing cuts on its healthcare system — and doctors aren’t happy about it

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to layoff doctors and nurses has medical workers up arms. And it could create big headaches for the Russian leader.

Research shows after divorce, women more likely than men to lose health insurance

Rationing toward sensible health care

Health care reform jumps major hurdle in Senate

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Health insurance industry joins reform debate

Health & Medicine

Health care as a human right

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Exploring whether or not affordable health care can be considered a fundamental human right.

Saving trillions in health care, one patient at a time

Will the Obama administration need to regulate the health care industry with a firm hand, or will voluntary cost reductions ease the health care crisis?

Lessons on universal healthcare

How other countries managed to achieve universal health care, and how the U.S. might go about getting a system that works.

Polling on the Affordable Care Act Reveals Lack of Understanding and Pessimism

As the United States approaches the roll-out of the final most complex phases of the  Affordable  Care Act, The Takeaway is examining the impact on the current healthcare system and hurdles associated with implementation.   We partnered with YouGov to run a nationally representative Omnibus Survey of 1000 U.S adults on the Affordable Care Act. The results below […]

Local Perspectives on the Affordable Care Act

      It has been three years since President Obama signed the Health Care Reform bill into law, but according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, four out of ten American adults are still unaware that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, law. In addition they found that roughly half of American adults […]