Goats at Leach Farms in upstate New York.

Some immigrants in New York prefer to slaughter animals themselves. There’s a farm that wants to help.


There are only so many New Yorkers who want to undertake the messy business of butchering their own dinners. For everybody else, Leach Farms provides a unique service.

Three sisters form the band The Warning

A change of scene: 6 stories about life on the move in our weekly reader

People walk past Islamic Bank of Britain's (IBB) first branch on Edgware Road in London.

London is becoming the newest hub of Islamic finance


Despite court ruling, Islamic butcher in Germany faces hurdles to halal slaughter

Lifestyle & Belief

Religiously safe search


Some Germans Intolerant of Islamic Animal Slaughter

Conflict & Justice

Animal rights is a big issue in Germany. And how Germans slaughter animals is strictly regulated. The Nazis vilified the Jewish method of slaughtering animals; today Germans are intolerant of the tradition of its four million Muslims. David Hecht reports.

The World

Halal Vendor at Ground Zero

More and more tourists are heading to New York’s ground zero.

The World

I’mHalal: The Muslim search engine

Global Politics

In Islam, something that is haram is forbidden. The opposite of haram is halal, permissible. Now, a new Internet search engine is helping Muslims sort out the levels of what is forbidden, offering up clean search results, Cyrus Farivar has the story.