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The Biden administration's nominee for secretary of interior, Democratic Rep. Deb Haaland, from New Mexico, speaks at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware, Dec. 19, 2020.

Deb Haaland, Biden’s interior secretary nominee, says she’ll be ‘fierce for our planet’

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Rep. Deb Haaland of New Mexico, President Biden’s nominee for secretary of the interior, is the first Native American to lead the department. She plans to bring a strong conservation, climate action and tribal rights record to the agenda.

Jay Inslee climate scorecard

Greenpeace releases scorecard for Democratic presidential candidates’ commitment to climate change

Julián Castro

Julián Castro makes climate change a central theme of his presidential campaign

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mayor pete

With eyes on the presidency, Mayor Pete seeks a ‘generational alliance’ to tackle climate change

AOC Green New Deal

The Green New Deal doesn’t include carbon pricing. Some say that’s a big mistake.

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The ‘Green New Deal’ started with six college grads. Now, they’re recruiting an army of young people.

Climate Change

The Green New Deal is often linked to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman congresswoman who is the idea’s most visible champion. But in its current form, it’s the brainchild of a bunch of 20-somethings sick of older generations’ inaction on climate change.

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Native American Congresswoman-elect Deb Haaland is ready to get to work


New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District is sending Deb Haaland to Capitol Hill — one of the first two Native American women ever to go to Congress.