man looking out a broken window, surrounded by rubble

Russia-Turkey agreement provides inkling of hope to Syrians in Idlib


The Russian-Turkish agreement to designate a demilitarized zone may have averted an imminent attack on Idlib but many of the Syrians who live there, like Mohammad Hmeidan and his family, are still waiting for a more permanent solution to their displacement.

The Yarmouk Palestinian camp near Damascus, Syria, April 28, 2018.

Palestinian refugees bear the brunt of Syria’s new battle against ISIS

View of Ghouta and Al Kiswah farms.

Bombed and gassed into oblivion: The lost oasis of Damascus

Children watch as an aid convoy of Syrian Arab Red Crescent drives through the besieged town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria March 5, 2018.

Aid reaches Ghouta but retreats after shelling; Syria continues air and ground attack

A man, center, stands in a back-light doorway looking into a room in rubble.

Syrian warplanes strike eastern Ghouta despite Russian truce

A fuel stand in rebel-held, besieged Eastern Ghouta, Syria, Feb. 12, 2017.

The lucrative business of smuggling supplies into Syria’s besieged Eastern Ghouta


A recent government offensive shut down smuggling tunnels rebels used to bring in supplies to besieged Eastern Ghouta. With nearly 300,000 people reportedly on the brink of famine, only a pair of businessmen can provide supplies. But they aren’t cheap.

US and Russia Have Long Experience Dismantling Their Own Chemical Weapons Stockpiles

It will take years to destroy Syria’s chemical stockpiles – here’s why.