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Arm holds up an American flag and a pride flag outside the US Supreme Court

How gay marriage won in the US


A quarter-century ago, America was far from married to the idea of same-sex marriage.

Same-sex couple Karl Kreil and Bodo Mende get married at a civil registry office, becoming Germany's first married gay couple

Germany celebrates its first same-sex marriages

A couple kiss each other in front of the cathedral during a march in support of gay marriage, sexual and gender diversity in Mexico City, Mexico on September 11, 2016. There have been counter-demonstrations, against same-sex marriage, held in Mexican citi

Gay marriage is legal in Mexico, but Mexicans are still fighting over whether it should be allowed

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Arranged Gay Marriage

Old custom, new couples: Gay Indians are having arranged marriages

Puerto Rico gay marriage 1

Puerto Rico celebrates its first same-sex weddings

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Nigerians are speculating that when President Muhammadu Buhari visits the White House on July 20th President Obama will try to persuade the African leader to repeal Nigeria's Same Sex Prohibition Law.

Nigerians fear Obama will push gay rights in the White House during meeting with nation’s new leader


The legalization of gay marriage in the US has sparked increased homophobia in Nigeria. Now fear is growing that Obama may bring up the issue during the Nigerian president’s trip to the White House later this month.

Jesus M. Hernandez

Same-sex couples in Mexico win another victory against discrimination

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Two new resolutions have helped to strengthen the rights of same-sex couples in Mexico.

Flag waves in front of Supreme Court Gay Marriage

Which countries will follow America in legalizing gay marriage?

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“This is really setting a trend towards an international movement where 20, 30 years ago the notion that same-sex couples could marry seemed crazy in a lot of places,” says BuzzFeed’s J. Lester Feder.

A Yes supporter shows of her campaign badge in central Dublin in Ireland May 21, 2015. Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said on Sunday that Ireland must seize its opportunity to become the first count

With joy, Irish return #hometovote on gay marriage

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They came from Cairo, from Thailand. Aboard boats, planes. Back to a land where many felt spurned, unwelcomed not that long ago. They voted in Ireland’s referendum on gay marriage, and created hashtags that trended worldwide.