Fossil fuels

oil and gas platform surrounded by water

Norway becomes top gas supplier to Europe after Russia invasion


Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine upended energy markets and sent prices through the roof. As Europe weaned itself off of Russian fuels, it turned to Norway. The country is now the largest exporter of natural gas to Europe.

Port cranes load a climate friendly LNG, liquefied natural gas, powered container ship at the import and export harbor in Hamburg, Germany

Europe’s new liquified gas infrastructure puts climate targets in question

A natural gas power plant of RWE AG in Lingen, Germany

Can heat pumps help bring peace to Ukraine?

The view of banners for the UN climate conference COP26 displayed in central Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow summit pledge to phase out fossil fuel subsidies faces an uphill battle

A health worker inoculates a man next to a banner thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine at a government hospital in New Delhi, India

A milestone for India: 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses administered.

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Protestors hold up signs at a rally against a proposed Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion on Burnaby Mountain in 2014 in British Columbia. In late May, the Canadian government announced it would fund an expansion project for the Kinder Morgan Trans Moun

With pipeline decision, Canada’s Trudeau draws ire of environmental supporters

When Justin Trudeau was elected as the prime minister of Canada in 2015 he did so on a platform that pledged to reform the country’s environmental laws. Recent news of the Canadian government agreeing to fund a sands oil pipeline extension has many who voted for him questioning his motives.

Members of environmental groups hold up banners calling for renewable energy at the United Nations climate talks that took place in Bonn, Germany in 2015. Bonn was the site of the last United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2017, in which co

As latest UN climate change summit looms, delegates have plenty of work to do

Climate Change

Creating the Paris Agreement in 2015 was a monumental accomplishment. Establishing an actionable work plan has proved to be an even tougher task, but that is the goal at the latest United Nations climate summit to be held in Poland in December.

Bits of icebergs can be seen that have broken off the Sawyer Glacier in Alaska, where the effects of climate change are being felt at a higher rate than the Lower 48.

Alaskan youth sue state government for lack of action against climate change


You would be hard-pressed to find another part of the world more immediately affected by climate change than Alaska. Now, a group of young people from Alaska are suing their state’s government to to try to get a court order for the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A hill of coal sits under a shelter at the Prosper-Haniel coal mine. The mine is closing after 150 years.

In Germany, miners and others prepare for a soft exit from hard coal


Germany is shutting down the last of its underground coal mines next year, and the the way it’s handling the end of this once-dominant industry could be a model for the US and other countries.

Drilling in Wyoming

The US Department of the Interior’s new four-year strategic plan calls for maximizing fossil fuel extraction from public lands


Remember “Drill, baby, drill”? Well, it’s back — and this time it’s likely to become a reality.