US border fence skirts environmental review


There’s considerable time and money being put into building a substantial fence along the US-Mexico border. Environmentalists had succeeded in delaying sectors that could harm the environment, so Congress gave the Department of Homeland Security permission to waive any law that stood in its way.

Border Fence Skirts Environmental Review

Conflict & Justice
Loved ones separated by the U.S.-Mexico border meet at Friendship Park

Fence along U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego represents a barrier and a bridge

Global Politics

Illegal Mexican immigration more professional, dangerous

Global Politics

From British Fairgrounds to Cambridge Degree

Loved ones separated by the U.S.-Mexico border meet at Friendship Park

Families Divided by US-Mexico Border Meet Across the Fence

Conflict & Justice

The boarder’s a no man’s land patrolled by border guards. But on weekends, it becomes a place where families separated by immigration status can come to spend time together, albeit on opposite sides of a fence.

The Conservative Divide Over the Border Fence

The extension of border fences has been a hot topic at recent GOP presidential debates. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has signed a pledge urging the completion of a fence by by 2013. Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain also supports a full-border fence, but he  backed away from his comments over the weekend that the fence should […]

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US Hedge Funds Buy Land in Africa

American hedge funds are buying massive amounts of land–larger in size than the state of California–in Africa, often without proper contracts, according to the Oakland Institute, an independent policy think tank. The BBC’s Mark Doyle joins us.

Fencing the Weather

A fence that stretches nearly 500 miles through the Australian outback was intended to keep out rabbits but scientists say it’s affecting the weather.

Almanac/Don’t Fence Me In

This week, we have facts about barbed wire. Back in 1874, an amateur inventor applied for a patent for the fences that changed the landscape of the American West.