Scarlet, a 7 year old who was born in Denmark reacting to being told she is not Danish.

‘You’re not Danish!’ What the viral video teaches us about being American.

In the US, any citizen, of any culture, is American. In Denmark, that’s not necessarily the case.

The Takeaway

Unrest in Charlotte, Gaming the Election, The Black Prince of Florence

September 22, 2016: 

1. Charlotte, North Carolina Spirals Into Violence (13 min)

2. Governing From The Minority: How State Laws Influence National Elections (6 min)

3. Isle of Man Faces Crucial Vote (4 min)

4. How Design Impacts Politics (7 min)

5. The Long Forgotten Black Prince of Florence (7 min)

The Takeaway

A Shocking ‘Brexit,’ The Student Debt Bubble, DJ Shadow

June 24, 2016: 

1. Brexit: ‘An Unnecessary Act of Self-Harm’ (13 min)

2. Tie SCOTUS Ruling on Immigration Raises Questions on Executive Authority (6 min)

3. Films to Catch and Skip at the Box Office This Weekend (4 min)

4. Daniel Radcliffe Plays Dead Survival Tool in ‘Swiss Army Man’ (5 min)

5. America’s Student Debt Crisis: A Bubble About to Burst (7 min)

6. The Creative Process of DJ Shadow (10 min)

The Takeaway

Economic Pain, Political Unrest, The Hanging Bridge

May 02, 2016: 1. Yanis Varoufakis on Greece’s Debt Time Bomb | 2. The Man Behind Iraq’s Uprising | 3. The Poor Feel the Sting of Clinton-Era Welfare Reform | 4. N.J. Leaders Fight as Atlantic City Nears Bankruptcy | 5. Searching for the Truth of ‘The Hanging Bridge’

The Takeaway

Brexit: London Mayor Says Britain Should Leave the European Union

Click on the audio player above to hear this interview.

Over the weekend, London Mayor Boris Johnson announced that he would break from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and support the growing campaign to take Britain out of the European Union in order to restore UK sovereignty.

As one of Britain’s most charismatic politicians, the mayor’s decision will have tremendous influence over how the public votes in the referendum in June.

Here to explain is Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America Editor.

What you’ll learn from this segment:

Why Mayor Johnson is supporting a U.K. exit from the E.U.
What voters currently think of a so-called “Brexit.”
What may happen between now and the referendum.

The Takeaway

Prison Sex Abuse, Administering Terror, Catholics & Climate Change

1. The Hidden Problem of Prison Sexual Abuse | 2. Greek Finance Advisor: Exit Would Lead to Big Problems for E.U. | 3. GOP Scrambles Ahead of the Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling | 4. Administering Terror: Life Under ISIS Rule | 5. A Holy Land: Pope to Call for Environmental Consciousness