Edible fungi

Pep González, a longtime mushroom forager, on a hunt for mushrooms in the forest.

Foragers in Catalonia embrace a new mushroom-hunting season after last year’s strict lockdown


This year, mushroom-hunting season is more anticipated than ever after last year’s strict quarantine measures kept most people in their own municipalities for the entire winter. The tradition is particularly strong in the northeast region of Catalonia. 

Corn smut

Smitten with smut: US and Canadian farmers dread corn smut, but it’s a hit in Mexico

Gary Lincoff, author of The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, helps my fellow mushrooms hunters identify their finds in the woods of Piermont, NY.

Some people will go to incredible lengths to find an awesome wild mushroom


Uganda’s Mushroom Mogul

The World

Growing Mushrooms in Florida