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New book looks tells fictional tale of post-euro Europe

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In the world of Markus Will, the euro is gone and Germany is returning to the deutschmark. Though the book is fictional, it takes a scenario that is possible and plays it out to perhaps it’s most shocking extreme.

VIDEO: Europe makes moves to plan for possible Greek exit from euro zone

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Recession means new reality for Netherlands, stalwart economy of euro zone

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Small Greek community turns to local currency as economy struggles

26 of 27 European Union countries indicate interest in tighter economic ties

European leaders converge on Brussels in an effort to resolve crisis

France and Germany are trying to spur their fellow European leaders to make bold changes to European treaties in order to get economic stability in the eurozone.

As the euro twists in the wind, so does a sense of European identity

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As critics pound the euro as the source of their economic problems, and others worry about how its loss could be devastating, many say that the loss of the euro would have another profound effect: a major erosion of the still developing sense of European identity.

France, Germany facing debt rating downgrade as Eurozone wavers

Standard & Poor’s, the debt rating agency that downgrades U.S. debt this summer has issued a warning that France, Germany and 13 other European Union countries, those using the Euro, may see their credit ratings reduced.

China could bail out Europe, with strings attached

As Europe searches for a way out of the current financial crisis, some are looking to China. But any deal would come with strings attached.

Germany approves $300 billion for Greece bailout

Eurozone leaders agreed back in July to expand the bailout fund for Greece to more than $500 billion — Germany’s lawmakers approved the agreement on Thursday.