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A girl washes her hands at a spigot at the entrance of her parents' house in Pikine, on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal, on March 9, 2020.

What the US can learn from West Africa to slow the spread of coronavirus


Contact tracing, or meticulously tracing individuals exposed to illness, has been key to combating outbreaks of Ebola, cholera and tuberculosis throughout the world. Dr. Sheila Davis of the nonprofit Partners in Health explains what the US can learn from those crises.

A man in medical scrubs writes onto a wooden cross

DR Congo has been fighting Ebola for a year. What does the WHO declaration change?

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A man sits while getting his temperature checked.

‘No place for complacency’ as Ebola detected in eastern DR Congo

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A doctor cares for a patient wearing protective clothing inside an isolate cube at a treatment center

Congo braces for an Ebola outbreak that may last several months, WHO predicts

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Frontline's "Outbreak"

Inside the troubled early days of the Ebola response

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These women show what it looks like to survive Ebola in Liberia


Photographer Keiko Hiromi recently documented grassroots efforts by Liberian NGOs to fight Ebola and the stigma impacting survivors.

Jianjay Potter and Grace Zardon in Monrovia, Liberia.

For Ebola patients, a way to see the faces of those helping


Imagine being in a hospital with a deadly illness and you can’t see the faces of the people caring for you. That’s what it’s like for Ebola patients. And it’s what Los Angeles-based artist Mary Beth Heffernan went to Liberia to change.

Interviewing people in Guinea in December  "They were telling me they didn’t believe Ebola was a real virus. "BBC correspondent Tulip Mazumdar conducts an interview in Guinea in December 2014. "They were telling me they didn’t believe Ebola was a real vir

Ebola veterans warn that vigilance is still needed as case numbers drop


It’s been a year since the World Health Organization officially declared that there was an Ebola outbreak in West Africa. A doctor and health journalist compare notes on what has been a long and traumatic year — and an epidemic that isn’t over just yet.

As the Ebola epidemic peaks, new challenges are emerging in Liberia

Now that Ebola is subsiding, the question is what to do with contaminated sewage


Disposing of millions of tons of potentially Ebola infected human sewage is no easy task. But Liberia has is attempting its own solution.

A young boy in Ethiopia cries as he gets a measles vaccination

A Nigerian satirist takes a sobering approach to measles, Ebola


His humble proposal to screen Americans traveling to Africa for measles has been widely supported on Twitter. He explains why he wrote it and says the world has a ”one-dimensional narrative” toward Africa.