Earthquake engineering

Japanese photographers volunteer to help tsunami, earthquake victims find memories

It’s been nearly two years since the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan’s northeast coast. Among the casualties were a lot of family photos, so a group of Japanese photographers have banded together to help recreate those precious family moments.

Japan’s earthquake-resistant buildings


Aceh’s Orphans

Taking New Family Portraits in Japan After the Tsunami

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Jazz Guitarist Yuto Kanazawa Writes ‘The Ocean’ in Aftermath of Fukushima Disaster


Restoring Cherished Photographs After A Natural Disaster


After a natural disaster, volunteers often come from far and wide to help survivors cope. Some of these volunteers focus on helping disaster victims reclaim damaged family snapshots.

Tsunami Reconstruction Scandal in Japan


Japan is gripped by a scandal over the money set aside for reconstruction from the tsunami that devastated that country last year. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the details from Hiroko Tabuchi of The New York Times.

Soccer Ball Swept Away by Japanese Tsunami Reaches Alaska


A soccer ball that was swept away by the tsunami that hit Japan last year, recently washed up on Middleton Island in the Gulf of Alaska.

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Tsunami in a Tank

At Oregon State University, researchers are creating their own small scale tsunamis to study how the huge waves behave and wreak havoc.

Scientist Warned of Tsunami Disaster in Japan

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Long before the tsunami hit Japan last year, paleontologist Koji Minoura had been warning of the danger. Minoura found evidence that a huge tsunami hit Sendai in the year 869, and he cautioned that a similar disaster was overdue.