Drugs in sport

Kenyan marathon runner Rita Jeptoo arrives at the Athletics Kenya headquarters after failing a doping test, in Kenya's capital Nairobi, January 15, 2015.

The ‘Queen of the Marathon’ doped her way to victory


Distance runner Rita Jeptoo is a superstar in Kenya for winning marathons across the globe. But she’s now serving a two-year ban for using the blood-booster EPO to cheat.

A sign at the Doping Control Station at the Sanki Sliding Center in Rosa Khutor, taken during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Some endurance athletes may be huffing xenon gas to gain an edge

Russian doping control center

Russian athletes won big in Sochi and a new TV documentary says doping may be the reason

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Blood Sport

The story behind the story of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension from Major League Baseball


Anti-doping agency outlines ‘undeniable’ case against Lance Armstrong

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Olympic drug testing


Before the Olympics even begin there are concerns that Olympic anti-doping monitors won’t be able to detect the blood-boosting drug EPO.

West Germany Doping Study Shows Widespread Abuse


East German athletes personified doping during the Cold War era. But it turns out that West German athletes were using performance enhancing drugs, too. A report released this week suggests that doping was far more widespread in West Germany than was previously thought. Anchor Aaron Schachter speaks with Louise Osborne, a reporter with The Guardian […]

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Cyclists Petition for New ‘Tour de France Feminin’

Men’s cycling has been scarred by blood doping, leaving Lance Armstrong without his many Tour de France titles. Women’s cycling is trying to take advantage of this time, pushing for women to be allowed in the Tour de France.

Spanish Doctor Convicted in Sports Doping Investigation

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A doctor in Spain has been convicted of endangering the lives of elite cyclists by administering blood transfusions to increase performance.

Ivan Fernandez Anaya, Gentleman Runner from Spain, Allows Fellow Competitor to Win


Cheating in sports has dominated the news since American cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed to years of doping. His dishonesty casts a shadow over an entire sport, but as The World’s Gerry Hadden reports from Barcelona, good guys can finish first.