Drug addiction

Nancy Polanco Najera

As more women are incarcerated in Mexico, so are their babies


“Why is this kid in here?” one man says of the girl he adopted, who lived with her mom in prison until several years ago.

Confiscated opium in Iran

Iran’s drug use doubles in six years


The number of daily opioid overdoses in South Florida is overwhelming police

There are close to 1,100 patients at Manila's Bicutan Rehabilitation Center, double its maximum capacity.

How to rehabilitate addicts in the Philippines’ vicious drug war?

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How this filmmaker went from dealing heroin to working on ‘T2 Trainspotting’

Yolanda Ampoan is hugged by her children after learning of the death of her son Sandrex Ampo. Ampo was killed by unknown assailant on September 23, 2016 in Punta Sta Ana, Manila.

When half a million drug users surrendered in the Philippines, authorities sent some of them to Zumba


When President Rodrigo Duterte took office in June, he promised mercy for drug addicts who turned themselves in. But there are very few drug rehab programs in the Philippines, and now some of the users who surrendered are being killed by masked gunmen.

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Photos: Getting to know the person behind the heroin addiction


Can more balanced representations of drug users spark discussions on how to solve North America’s heroin epidemic?

Nine-year-old Tumelo shows off antiretroviral pills before taking his medication at Nkosi's Haven, south of Johannesburg. Such anti-AIDS drugs are used as part of the cheap, illegal cocktail known as "nyaope."

South Africa’s new drug cocktail of choice is devastating its townships


South Africa is battling a new street drug called nyaope, which combines several substances so users can get a cheap high. But efforts to tackle the problem in the country’s townships don’t appear to be succeeding.

A small kit of supplies containing syringes, bandaids and antiseptic pads waits to be used by a drug addict inside a safe injection site on Vancouver, British Columbia's eastside August 23, 2006. Nearly a decade later, the city will be offering free heroi

Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world


Heroin has been a major problem in Vancouver for decades. To battle it, the city has launched a new program that provides serious addicts pure heroin three times a day. Is that actually a good idea?

Three addicts preparing to smoke heroin under a bridge in Kabul’s Pol-e Sokhta neighborhood.

There’s almost no help for Afghanistan’s 1.6 million drug addicts


Despite the billions spent on eradicating opium poppies in Afghanistan, drug production has never been higher there. And while the country has a fast-growing population of addicts, the cash-starved government has few treatment options available.