A grocery store aisle of cleaning and disinfecting products

Living in a disinfected world could pose unintended consequences


The world has gotten really clean during the pandemic and our hypersanitized lives may pose health risks.

A close up of hands holding a bourbon bottle and a bottle of hand and surface sanitizer

Iconic distilleries turn to hand sanitizer production around the world

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Ethanol Subsidies Up for Vote

Global Politics
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Swimming in Bleach

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Ozone and Improbable Research

Have you ever wondered how ozone affects a condom’s effectiveness? Mark Abrahams, editor of the magazine Annals of Improbable Research has, and comments on some recent research on the subject.

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Chlorine’s Costs and Controversies

David Baron of member station WBUR reports on the growing call for a near-complete ban on the use of chlorinated chemicals. Scientists say that many chlorine compounds are a central cause of environmental pollution in the Great Lakes region and elsewhere, affecting, fish, waterfowl and possibly people. A US-Canada commission which oversees the Lakes has […]

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New Ozone Research

David Baron of member station WBUR in Boston reports on an ongoing atmospheric ozone research project run out of a Maine airport. The project produced the data which led President Bush to recently speed up the country’s phaseout of ozone-depleting chemicals.

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Ground-Level Ozone

Steve Inskeep of member station WBGO in Newark, New Jersey, reports on new evidence strengthening the link between ozone smog and asthma.

Flying Blind

Steve talks with Michael Oppenheimer, an atmospheric physicist at the Environmental Defense Fund and a member of the UN’s ozone panel. Oppenheimer says scientists don’t know how much worse the ozone-depletion problem will get before it gets better.