The ghost known as Kollivay Pey, by Shyam, featured in the book "Ghosts, Demons and Monsters of India."

Haunted India: A new ghost compendium features 700 creatures from A to Z


A new book called “Ghosts, Monsters and Demons of India,” co-produced by publisher Rakesh Khanna, explores the wide array of fantastical beings believed to have haunted India for centuries.

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‘Stay home or dance with us’: Ghana’s dancing pallbearers urge social distancing

Recompose artist's rendering

Going green — after death

Lifestyle & Belief

The dangers of reporting on femicide in Argentina

people at a funeral

Ten migrants dead in overheated truck in Texas, driver charged

Fisherman are silhouetted against the rising sun in the waters of the Ganges river.

Spreading my father’s ashes on the Ganges felt like a link across the globe and across generations


“What I felt on the Ganges,” says Atul Gawande, the surgeon and author of Being Mortal, “was he had brought us there and connected himself to all that was important to him, but he was connecting us as well.”

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A new husband’s care for his father’s dead body changed his wife’s view of death and dying


After someone you love has died, the first of so many difficult tasks you face is deciding how to deal with what they’ve left behind: their body.

Social gathering and sharing a meal during Russian Easter honoring the dead, Spring Valley, New Jersey, 1997

Photographers look for ‘the poetry of death and dying in America’


Rituals surrounding death vary from place to place, and even from community to community within the smallest of towns. Bastienne Schmidt and Philippe Cheng traveled across the US to photograph the wide range of those rituals and what they can show us about the people and places that created them.

Phil Toledano hugs his father in a photo from his book, "Days With My Father."

How a photographer captured his father’s final years


“Days With My Father” started out as a personal project from photographer Phil Toledano, who took images of his father as he became his primary caregiver. To Toledano’s surprise, the photos struck a chord with the wider public.

A nurse attends to an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Deaths among low-income children are making the US a leader in infant mortality


Among developed nations, the US has the highest rate of infant mortality despite pumping huge amounts of money into healthcare. That may be down to the lack of support for low-income families, where death rates among children are much higher.