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Threat-hunter says Iran is stepping up the sophistication of its cyberattacks


In the months since the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, Iran has increased its cyber-hacking operations, according to Gil Messing, the chief of staff at Tel Aviv-based Check Point Software. The “Click Here” podcast talks to Messing about the latest.

Chinese policemen patrol the bund area in Shanghai, June 1, 2022.

Massive data breach in China raises questions around govt’s responsibility in securing data, expert says

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks through a hall in the building housing Russia’s GRU military intelligence service. 

Russia has been at war with Ukraine for years — in cyberspace

Ukraine’s National Cybersecurity Coordination Center, which opened last year, is a big part of the effort in the country to ramp up its defense against cyberattacks. The center’s office is in the heart of the capital, a five-minute drive from Ukraine’s pa

Ukraine says it’s ramping up its cyberdefense in light of Russian attacks  

Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown wearing a blue suit and purple tie while pointing with his right hand.

NSA discloses hacking methods it says are used by Russia

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Irish health system says it’s targeted in ransomware attack


Ireland’s health service shut down its IT systems on Friday after being targeted in what it called a “significant ransomware attack.”

A hooded man sits on a computer in front of a screen of code.

A new ‘cyber Cold War’ unfolds


The malicious “ransomware” virus that first emerged on Friday has left Russians wondering why the attack had disproportionately targeted their country.