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What’s behind the exodus of Cubans?


It’s the largest single wave of Cuban migrants since Fidel Castro’s revolution in the 1950s.

A mural with the words "Patria y Vida," or "Homeland and Life," a twist on the Cuban national motto, "Homeland or Death."

In Miami, Cuban American progressives promote civic engagement ahead of midterms

The walls of Zakharov Auto Parts in Hialeah, just outside Miami, are filled with photos of vintage Russian cars in Cuba fixed with parts bought at the store.

How to fix an old Russian car in Cuba? There’s this mechanic in Miami


Miami’s Soviet time machine gives Cuban expats a nostalgia fix


What a tiny boat on a Miami beach has to do with US-Cuba immigration policy

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The US Coast Guard intercepted a vessel carrying Cuban migrants en route to Florida this summer. New York Times reporter Frances Robles recently reported a story that highlights a slow but steady increase in the number of Cubans trying to enter the US.

Long, dangerous journeys aren’t stopping Cubans from trying to come to the US


Cubans may not be jamming into fleets of makeshift rafts like they did in 1994, but the number of people trying to leave the island for the US is still surprisingly high. That’s even despite routes that may take them as far south as Ecuador in their quest to enter the US.

Danilo Maldonado is a graffiti artist from Cuba and one of the students from Cuba studying at Miami Dade College under a student visa. He's better known as "El Sexto," the name he uses to sign his artwork.

For the first time in 50 years, a group of Cuban students just arrived in Florida carrying student visas

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Miami has always been a hub for Cuban ex-pats. But recently, a group of students from the island just arrived in Florida carrying student visas. It marks the first academic trip of its kind since the revolution started 50 years ago. With the island loosening travel restrictions, programs like this are now emerging.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro attends the closing ceremony of the sixth Cuban Communist Party congress in Havana April, 2011.

Fidel Castro: Immortal until proven otherwise

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The first time I saw Fidel Castro, he was already in his twilight. Or so it seemed […]

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Cuba’s Revolution

Bob Carty reports from Havana on Cuba’s massive switch to bicycles for commuting in the wake of a sharp reduction in aid and oil from the former Soviet Union. Although it was made out of economic necessity, many Cubans, including President Fidel Castro, are now touting the Bicycle Revolution as an environmental boon.

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30 years later, looking back at the Mariel exodus

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On April 20th, 1980, Fidel Castro opened the port of Mariel to anyone wishing to leave Cuba. A massive exodus ensued, with as many as 125,000 Cubans making the journey to Florida. Thirty years later, we talk to participants about their memories.