Cuba–United States relations

The Pentagon is seen from Air Force One as it flies over Washington, March 2, 2022.

Ana Montes memorized classified US documents to leak to Cuban officials, author says

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Ana Montes, who worked for the US defense department, was simultaneously spying for Cuban authorities. She’s now been released after her 25-year prison sentence. Jim Popkin, who’s written about her, shares her story with The World’s host Marco Werman.

Special forces police patrol the streets as they drive past a large Cuban flag hanging from the facade of a building, in Havana, Cuba

For the first time, ‘children of the revolution are fighting the revolution’ says former US rep

A woman wearing a purple shirt is shown with her hands out stretched and shouting among a large crowd of people.

Protesters in Cuba are calling for the ‘end of the communist state,’ historian says

Group of people gather outside a church for a prayers

Cuban Americans make plea to Biden administration for help on immigration limbo

Cuban Americans protest Raul Castro leaving office as Cuba's president and Miguel Diaz Canel named as the new president, in Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, Florida

Analysis: Beyond Cuban exceptionalism and toward the 2020 elections

A woman holds a protest sign in Spanish.

US considers sanctions on Cuba for helping Venezuela’s dissent crackdown

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Such sanctions would be the first time Washington has targeted a bloc of foreign officials allied with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

a meeting of a pro-cuba group in minnesota

Cuba solidarity groups support the revolution from the US


The Minnesota Cuba Committee is one of more than a dozen advocacy groups across the US dedicated to expressing support for the Caribbean island nation’s socialist form of government.

Man in protective gear points large gun at man holding a toddler, at close range. Toddler is screaming.

An iconic image challenged the politics of Cuban Americans


Photographer Alan Díaz died on Tuesday at age 71. His 2000 image of the Cuban boy Elián González being taken by force from his American relatives endures.

Tourists walk in Havana, Cuba, Nov. 8, 2017.

Trump’s new restrictions on travel to Cuba are being panned by American travelers

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The regulations come at a complicated time for would-be travelers to Cuba. In September, the State Department issued an advisory against travel there in light of apparent acoustic assaults against staffers from the US Embassy in Havana.

A Cuban woman waits for costumers in her private cafeteria, while wearing a scarf with the colors of the US flag, in Havana April 11, 2015.

The US flag doesn’t fly from poles in Cuba, but it’s the latest fashion trend

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Fashion may not always be an indication of broader geopolitical trends, but Cubans have been spotted recently around Havana sporting the US flag on their clothes. If you’re inclined to read between the lines, these photos seem to suggest Cubans are hopeful of the US and Cuba improving diplomatic relations.