Criticism of Facebook

Facebook's Meta logo sign is seen at the company headquarters in Menlo Park, California, on Oct. 28, 2021

‘I hold Facebook directly responsible for my father’s murder’: Lawsuit alleges platform fueled violence in Ethiopia

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Abrham Meareg, an Ethiopian researcher, said his father was killed last year after being targeted on social media. The lawsuit comes amid growing criticism that Facebook and other social media giants are not doing enough to stop hate speech and inciting language from spreading online across Africa.

Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg attends the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany, on Feb. 15, 2020.

Analysis: Facebook is undermining democracy

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Facebook content moderators sue over psychological trauma

A glowing Facebook sign hangs above a man in a suit

Facebook is a persuasion platform that’s changing the advertising rulebook

Privacy smackdown: Facebook vs activists

Facebook’s privacy invasion: Can’t stop, won’t stop


Facebook users recently tried to stage a revolt to protest the social networking site’s privacy settings. But quitting Facebook is more difficult than they thought.

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Your Take: Leaving Facebook?

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Facebook may have lost six million American users during May according to a group that tracks the site. While this is just a small percent of the social network’s 700 million users world wide, we asked listeners why they may have left the site.

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Is Facebook going too far with privacy changes?

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Facebook users have become wary of the privacy settings on the social networking site, and now lawmakers may also be taking a closer look at the company and whether the public has enough protections on the website.