Conservation in the United States

Old growth Douglas fir trees stand along the Salmon river Trail on the Mt. Hood National Forest

1 in 6 trees in the US threatened with extinction


A recent study concludes that 1 in 6 US tree species are at risk of extinction, largely due to pests and disease.

Monarch with tag

Raising monarch butterflies can be fun, but there is a right and wrong way to do it


Creating jobs, one park ranger at a time

Federal Court halts drilling near parks


The Super-Rich Look to Cultivate the Serengeti of Montana

Dispatches from America’s Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act was intended to save all American creatures, whether charismatic or insignificant, as a new book reveals.

The World

Reappearing Animals

Author and commentator Bill McKibben on the Endangered Species Act.

The World

Endangered Species Act Update

Barbara Ferry reports from Washington, D.C. on the most recent developments with the Endangered Species Act and its ability to protect dwindling species.

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Clinton’s Wilderness Legacy

President Clinton’s pledge to protect more than 40 million acres of roadless national forestland throughout the United States is drawing high praise from environmental groups and strong criticism from Congress. Living On Earth’s Jesse Wegman reports.

Yellowstone, One Hundred Years Ago

Diane Smith’s novel, Letters from Yellowstone, traces a fictional scientific journey into Yellowstone Park in 1898 and the experiences of a young female botanist, Alex. Ms. Smith speaks with host Steve Curwood about her novel and its relevance to the park today.