Computer science

Designing a Computer with Great Taste

Arts, Culture & Media

Researchers at Brigham Young University are training a computer program to evaluate a work of art. What happens when it judges artists in a juried show?

The Computer As Artist

Arts, Culture & Media

Smart Programs Read Shakespeare

Arts, Culture & Media
Since the inception of predictive algorithm software in U.S courtrooms, more than a million Americans have been analyzed using the technology.

Growing trend of using predictive algorithms in courtrooms and human services offices raises concerns over their current lack of transparency

College graduation

How H-1B work visas transformed tech and education in the US and India

The percentage of computer science bachelor's degrees conferred to women has been dropping since mid-1980s.

Women will be extinct in the computer science world if this trend continues


Three charts that show you how women have been regressing in the study of computer science since the mid-1980s. In 2013, only two out of 10 computer science bachelor’s degrees were conferred to women.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing

Benedict Cumberbatch takes on another brilliantly awkward role as the man who brought computers to the world


Alan Turing launched us on the road to computers when he was breaking codes for the Allies during World War II. He’s considered the father of artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science. But his strange story was hidden for decades. Now, Benedict Cumberbatch takes on Turing in the new film, The Imitation Game.

All public school students in England will now learn programming from the ages of five to 16.

Reading, math and … Javascript? Coding is now mandatory in English schools


This month, England launched one of the most ambitious computer education programs in the world. Every child from 5 to 16 will now learn computer programming, and advocates say it’s not only vital but easier than you might think to teach schoolkids how to code.