The silhouette of roseau cane during a sunset on the Louisiana coast.

In a hungry little insect, a big threat to Louisiana’s coast


A tiny invasive bug loves the cane that grows along the mouth of the Mississippi River. Can it be stopped?

The Post-Sandy Recovery of New York and New Jersey’s Coastlines

Landlocked Country in South America Sues Neighbor to Get Coastline Back

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Estuary Series Part 4: Where the Tijuana River and the Pacific Ocean Meet

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Estuary Series Part 2: Upstream Development and its Effects

On average, coastal counties are growing three times faster than other areas, and the population pressures one sees in some place like Great Bay in New Hampshire are even more visible at the southern end of Cape Cod, Massachusetts at Waquoit Bay. Intense development upstream from Waquoit generates a daily tide of household wastewater that […]

Estuary Series Part 1: A Visit to Great Bay

Along our nation’s coastlines where fresh water washes into the tidal rhythm of the sea, shellfish are declining, along with many other forms of marine life. Today we’re out on New Hampshire’s Great Bay Estuary with Richard Langan to better understand why. Professor Langan directs the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, […]

Coastal Erosion: Fight or Flight?

Ron Schachter reports on the debate over North Carolina’s first-in-the-nation coastal protection plan, which favors letting nature take its course. Some communities and property owners want exemptions which would allow them to build seawalls or jetties to protect small stretches of coastline.