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Contempt for the messiah: The scandal behind Shinzo Abe’s murder

Sacred Nation

A messianic sect holds sway with Japan’s ruling party. The murder of ex-premier Shinzo Abe is forcing the country to reckon with this shadowy alliance.


A church in Britain just took over a pub to keep it going

Remy Fernandez

The Catholic Church defies Philippine President Duterte

Yoido Full Gospel Church began in 1958 and grew by serving poor and working class South Koreans who moved to the capital city of Seoul. Today, it's largest megachurch in the world.

The biggest megachurch on Earth and South Korea’s ‘crisis of evangelism’

Germany's newest Autobahn church, tucked in among restaurants and the gas station.

Can a highway pit stop be a spiritual experience? Germany is trying to make it one

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