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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Liberia to support President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Africa's only female president.

How hard is it to elect a female head of state? Liberians made it look easy.


Liberian women united behind the candidacy of a 60-something grandmother to lead their war-ravaged nation.

VIDEO: Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor sentenced to 50 years

Charles Taylor, former leader of Liberia, found guilty of war crimes

Verdict expected this week in war crimes trial of Liberia’s Charles Taylor

Why Many Liberians Feel Left Out in the Taylor Case

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What Liberians Make of the Charles Taylor Guilty Verdict

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A United Nations-backed court has found Charles Taylor guilty of crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. In Liberia, the reaction is complicated. Many still revere Taylor; others are upset that he hasn’t been charged with Liberian crimes.

Charles Taylor Found Guilty of War Crimes

Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia who was on trial at the International Criminal Court’s Special Court for Sierra Leone has been found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This marks the first time in history the ICC has delivered a verdict for a head of state, judging if wartime conduct was so […]

Charles Taylor’s Legacy in Sierra Leone

The former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor, has been found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. The 11 charges include murder, rape, mutilations and the use of child soldiers. Alan Little of our partner the BBC reported on the conflict. He’s returned to […]

Liberia’s Charles Taylor Guilty of Aiding Sierra Leone War Crimes

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International judges find former Liberian leader Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes during the Sierra Leone civil war at his trial in The Hague.

Sierra Leoneans Eagerly Await Verdict in Charles Taylor Trial

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The verdict in the trial of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor is expected on Thursday. Taylor is charged with war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone, and people in that West African country are hoping for a guilty verdict.