Central America

several people with backpacks around a bus entrance. A young girl is held and looks toward the camera.

Trump’s aid cuts to Central American countries could total $700 million


The US government cut aid to Northern Triangle countries after President Donald Trump blasted the countries for sending migrants to the United States.

A pink sign reading "SOS EVACUATE MANUS" is held up by a protester.

They lived in limbo in Australian offshore camps for years. Now they call the US home.

Central Americans

Why some people seeking asylum in the US are afraid of going to court


This special security unit went from targeting drug smugglers to spotting unaccompanied kids

Conflict & Justice
Alexandra from Guatemala shows a drawing she made at the shelter for underage immigrants and repatriated minors

What’s driving an exodus of unaccompanied minors across the US-Mexico border?

Conflict & Justice

Honduras looks to Hong Kong as a model for economic revitalization

Honduras’ political leaders are hoping to jumpstart the country’s flagging economy by separating one of the country’s cities. A new law would allow the government to designate a city as a “charter city” subject to different laws and regulations and perhaps under some foreign supervision.

Nicaragua Fast-Tracking Bill to Authorize Chinese Company’s Canal to Compete with Panama

Arts, Culture & Media

The government of Nicaragua is fast-tracking a bill that would authorize a company from China to build a new canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The dream of a Nicaraguan canal dates back more than a century.

Honduras Wants to Build Its Own Hong Kong

Global Politics

Honduras has been going through a rough patch and things are so bad that Honduran officials are considering to build an experimental city to give the country a fresh start.

The World

Guatemala Looking to Cash On 2012 Doomsday Theory

Global Politics

People in Guatemala, the Maya heartland, are not buying the doomsday tale, though some so hope to cash in on it.

What Mexican Singer Lila Downs’ ‘Pecados y Milagros’ Says About Drug Violence

Arts, Culture & Media

Lila Downs is a singer living in Mexico City. Lila Downs tells Marco Werman that her songs help express anger, frustration and fear.