Creative New Year’s Resolution: Start Big

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Working in extreme sizes has been one of my goals, working smaller and larger than I have before. Right now, I’m lettering my way down a 60-foot scroll of parchment.

Creative New Year’s Resolutions: Five Rules for Great Work

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New Year’s Resolution: Finding the Tools

Arts, Culture & Media

New Year’s Resolution: Calligraphy in 3D

Arts, Culture & Media

2015 Creative Resolutions: Rediscovering Your First Love

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Creative New Years Resolutions: Celebrating Success

Arts, Culture & Media

A final update on two listeners’ year-long creative projects.

Zone Out with these Meditative Calligraphy Videos

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Instagram’s calligraphy king makes you want to watch ink dry.

Abe calligraphy 2

Abe’s Chinese calligraphy wins plaudits in China

Global Politics

The Japanese leader was lauded after he purportedly left a hand-written note in Chinese thanking a cleaner at the hotel he stayed in for the G20 summit in Hangzhou last week.

Garman Herigstad

700 snippets of wisdom — all drawn by hand


Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. It’s an annual ritual. But some are more ambitious than others: Garman Herigstad’s, for example. Once a special effects artist for movies and TV, Herigstad wants to explore more fully another kind of art — on a rather large canvas.

Mali’s last master calligrapher escapes violence in Timbuktu with ancient manuscripts in tow

Before the French came in and pushed the Islamic militants out of the towns in northern Mali, many of the country’s historic artifacts and cultural history were threatened. But because of the forethought of some Malians, including calligrapher Boubacar Sadek, the country’s manuscripts were saved. For now.