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Long-lost Jimi Hendrix concert recording finds new life

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The career of Jimi Hendrix was like a firecracker, bright, but short-lived. Some of his music hasn’t been heard since he played it, particularly from some of his live performances. But a new recording is bringing new life to a February 1969 performance of his in the U.K.

Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes talks about the influence of the Rolling Stones

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Ray Davies and ‘The Kinks Choral Collection’

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New Recording Surfaces of Jimi Hendrix Gig in London

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Music Heard on Air for August 30, 2012

Music Heard on Air

Jim Marshall, the Man Behind the Marshall Amp, Dies at 88

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Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Rich Maloof, who wrote a biography of Marshall called “The Father of Loud.”

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The man behind the Rolling Stones’ ‘Brown Sugar’


Jimmy Johnson was at the controls of the legendary Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama when the bad-boy British rockers came in for what became one of their signature songs.