An audience watches actors Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol on the big screen.

This beloved Bollywood film gets a new life on Broadway

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The 1995 Bollywood film “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,” or “DDLJ,” is the longest-running film in India’s history, screening daily for 27 years. Now, the irresistible love story is heading to Broadway.

Woman in white dress laughs while talking to woman facing away from camera in red dress

Twitter’s ban on actor Kangana Ranaut could lead to confrontation with Indian government

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Indian actor Irrfan Khan is shown wearing a dark tuxedo with a crowd in the background.

Actor Irrfan Khan, star of ‘Life of Pi, ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ dies at 53

Two posters side by side, one original film poster, the other remade with photos of two men in place of actors

How ’90s Bollywood movies became cool again for two desis in the US

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The Terror Taboo

Arts, Culture & Media

In the last decade, American movie studios have been skittish about building storylines around terrorism. Meanwhile in India, Bollywood has been making lots of films that depict the sensitive topic. WNYC’s Arun Venugopal shows Kurt how Bollywood is doing something Hollywood won’t.

Inside the Mumbai theater, moviegoers look at the screen.

Is Shah Rukh Khan the gateway drug to Bollywood addiction?


It’s not just Star Wars that’s making a comeback. Here’s why so many people are waiting for Dilwale, which reunites megastars — 20 years after their first megahit.

BollyX Fitness class in Cambridge, MA.

BollyX combines Bollywood dance moves with aerobics to make you more fit


Have you ever done the “screw in the light bulb” dance move? How about the “picking fruit?” You’ll learn them and more moves at the new BollyX fitness class.

An elephant herd by Kabini River in Southern India.

In India, a reporter misses the elephants of her childhood


The World’s Rhitu Chatterjee grew up in a small Indian city where she would regularly see elephants ambling down the street. Now that she’s returned to India after 11 years in the United States, she’s noticing that part of Indian culture is fading away.

Bollywood playback singer Manna Dey at an award ceremony in 2007.

Bollywood singer Manna Dey dies at 94, but his songs keep living

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Bollywood playback singer Manna Dey, an artist who holds legendary status within India’s Bollywood movie industry, has passed away.