Supporters cheer at a Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore campaign rally in Midland City, Alabama.

Alabama’s deep racial divisions increasingly plague the rest of America

Global Politics

The sense of siege that many angry white voters have felt in Alabama is now more common across the United States.

Boxes on tables with labels: "Safety pin box," "More than a safety pin," "Effective measurable allyship"

Before taking action against hate, white people should look inward

Ira Aldridge, as Othello, in battle armor, by William Mulready

African American Ira Aldridge, a Shakespearean actor in the early 1800s, honored in England

Cuba tourists

Havana’s small business boom exposes a stark racial divide

Negin Farsad's new book is called "How To Make White People Laugh."

This Iranian American comic is facing down some of her toughest critics: Fellow Muslims

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Let’s Talk Turkey

You’ve probably tried an heirloom tomato, but what about an heirloom turkey? With names like Jersey Buff, Silver Auburn, and Bourbon Red, these are not the big white toms on most Thanksgiving tables. But heirloom birds are clawing their way back. Living o