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Japanese dads struggle to reform fatherhood

Japan in Focus

Statistically speaking, for every baby born in Japan, two people pass away. The country’s rapidly shrinking population is, according to Japanese officials, a “national emergency” threatening its future prosperity and entire way of life. They’re struggling to reverse this trend but some believe fixing this problem calls for a revolution in Japanese fatherhood. The World’s Patrick Winn reports with Aya Asakura in Tokyo.

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What 1 billion Americans would mean for the US

hungarian woman reaches under a partition for money

Expert: ‘Women are going to bear the burden of Orbán’s failed economic policies.’

Orbán's Enemies

Teen Pregnancies On the Decline

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US Teen Pregnancy

The World

US Teen Pregnancy

After a decade of being officially unconcerned by global population growth, the US has taken new initiatives to help cut high fertility rates in developing countries. But here at home, we have some very high fertility rates of our own, particularly among teenagers  ? 6 percent of women and girls in the US between the […]