Summer in the Global Village: Highlights, Outtakes, and a Wrap

Global Hit

Just like that. As the clock struck midnight on Labor Day, so tolled the bell on New York’s glorious summer. It was a season chock full of music from all over the globe and dance parties until the wee hours. Here are some highlights from this year’s edition of Summer in the Global Village, as […]

The legacy of Bell Labs


British Cartoonist Steve Bell Draws American Presidents

Global Politics

The Bells of St. Michael the Archangel: A Ringing Tradition Continues in England

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The World

The Silence Of The Bells

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After prayers in Cairo

“The people demand the dissolution of state security!”

All About Love

Host Steve Curwood talks with Bell Hooks about her new book “All About Love” in which the feminist author calls for a new love ethic.

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Geo answer

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The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is Moscow. The city is home to the Danilov Monastery – the headquarters of the Russian Orthodox church. The World’s Elizabeth Ross reports that the historic bronze bells that have hung in a tower at Harvard University for nearly 80 years are ringing for the last time today at commencement. They’ll be making their way back to their original home at the monastery.

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Alexander Graham Bell

Science journalist Seth Shulman talks about his new book The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret and explains who he thinks really invented the telephone.