A Lebanese policeman stands guard next to a bank window that was broken by depositors to exit the bank after attacking it trying to get their money, in Beirut, Lebanon

‘We are forced to be bank robbers,’ desperate Lebanese citizens say amid financial crisis


Banks in Lebanon have partially reopened this week after the government had ordered them to be shut down. The closures were prompted by a spate of bank heists conducted by people whose savings have been stuck in banking system.

Bank customers write Arabic words thats read "Riad is a thief. Thieves" (Riad Salameh, the governor of Lebanon's Central Bank) on a facade of bank in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.

Monetary policy by other means: Part I

Critical State
Two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes, residents of south Delhi continue to line up in front of ATMs in hopes of withdrawing cash.

India’s crisis over bank notes hits women especially hard

Kiler Mike

How #BankBlack could help narrow the US wealth gap

A man buys U.S. dollars in a currency exchange in Benghazi, Libya.

Even a local bank teller can’t be trusted in today’s Libya


Dollars and Change in Myanmar

Your ATM card won’t work in Myanmar. The latest-edition travel books travel websites, and the US Embassy will tell you that. As you may have heard, though, things here are changing.

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US Regulators Say Standard Chartered Bank Laundered Iranian Cash

Conflict & Justice

London-based Standard Chartered is facing charges that it “schemed” with Iranian banks to skirt international sanctions.

Tougher Regulation Ahead?

Steve talks with Paul Parshley, of Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York, about some of the changes the Yankee Rowe closure may signal for the nuclear industry.

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Not Too Big To Fail

Conflict & Justice

It’s been one year since the financial giant Lehman Brothers collapsed: failing to find a buyer, it was forced to file for bankruptcy. A new BBC radio play, “The Day That Lehman Died”, fictionalizes the behind-the-scenes frenzy of the firm’s final days. Produced by Amanda Aronczyk and Studio 360’s Pejk Malinovski.

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Lehman Brothers’ corporate art up for auction

Arts, Culture & Media

The art that hung on the walls of Lehman Brothers corporate offices will be going to the auction block in a few weeks. We talk to Lawrence Pollard, the BBC art correspondent who has been investigating what’s happened to the Lehman Brothers art collection.