Automated teller machine

Customers who had waited for many hours stand outside a bank in the slim hope of being able to withdraw some cash, in Lagos, Nigeria Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023. 

Millions of Nigerians prepare to vote amid chaotic cash shortage


The currency redesign in Nigeria is a policy decision that went into effect weeks before the presidential election that takes place on Feb. 25. Nigerians were told to turn in their old banknotes for new ones, but now, they are struggling to procure the new cash.

Canada's Highway of Heroes

Canada says goodbye to a hero shot dead on Wednesday

Global Scan

Government gives prepaid debit cards for benefits, consumers get slapped with fees

Cyber crime bust


Need for Cyprus Financial Bailout Sparks Protests, Concern in Europe

Conflict & Justice

Dollars and Change in Myanmar

Your ATM card won’t work in Myanmar. The latest-edition travel books travel websites, and the US Embassy will tell you that. As you may have heard, though, things here are changing.

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I Spy

Global Politics

The top—selling iPhone app iSpy lets the user watch thousands of live—streaming closed—circuit television cameras around the world.

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Should Congress Loosen Patent Laws for the Sake of the Banking Industry?

Conflict & Justice

The banking industry is always looking for ways to innovate their products and services. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s slipping in of a provision into a patent bill that would benefit the banking industry could help the industry out. Louise Story joins us.

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In the fine print: bank charges and fees

Conflict & Justice

In our weeklong series on our Life in Fine Print, we’re taking a look at charges and fees. Congress has regulated certain banking fees, but there are still charges out there that can sneak up on you in ways you didn’t imagine.

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Bankless in America

Living without a bank has its perks, but it also means it next to impossible to get a decent rate on a mortgage or get a loan approved. Frank Garcia, Chairman of the Hispanic Bronx Chamber of Commerce walks us through the pros and cons of going bankless.