Asian Americans

People walk past a board full of pictures celebrating AAPI heritage month

Students push for adding Asian American history to school curriculums across the US


Asian Americans face growing discrimination over COVID-19, but racism against the community in the US is nothing new. Now, students are pushing for better representation in the classroom.

Mother of the groom Eleanor Sung-Young (Michelle Yeoh)

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is a big win for Asian American representation in Hollywood — but what about Singaporean representation?

Man in sunglasses in dance pose in front of white, brick wall

He’s the first Asian American dancer in ‘Magic Mike Live’ and his fans are proud of him

Hand holding up passport with US visa stampend "CANCELLED"

For immigrant Republicans, Trump’s turn to limit legal immigration creates divisions

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Young man at podium in press conference with signs behind him

This college freshman is worried about affirmative action — but not that it will keep him out of Harvard

Woman seated in club with people walking around her

What to say when you’re Asian American and someone calls you ‘exotic’


Paula Williams Madison wasn’t on a panel, but she brought a different take on race to the audience at Asian American ComicCon.

Diabetes test

‘Implicit bias’ may account for a glaring disparity in health care screening


Asian Americans are screened for Type 2 diabetes at lower rates than other groups. Researchers want to know why.

An unfinished painting of a woman

How art can help us better understand the fastest growing group of undocumented immigrants


For this organization in San Francisco, it’s about reform, breaking stereotypes and building community. And painting.

The cover image of the New Super-Man comic by DC Comics and writer Gene Luen Yang.

DC Comics’ Chinese Superman rights a wrong dating back to 1937


Kenan Kong is the New Superman. He’s a kid from Shanghai. And he represents a huge change in the DC universe.

People in crowd hold up cellphones

How Donald Trump ended up at a Bollywood-themed Hindu rally in New Jersey

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It’s not that Indian Americans favor Trump. It’s that Trump reminds many of his Hindu supporters of a political movement in India.