Armenian Genocide

Supporters of the Turkey Youth Union chant slogans during a protest against US President Joe Biden's statement, outside the US consulate in Istanbul, April 26, 2021.

Turkey’s Erdoğan calls Biden’s acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide ‘unfounded, unjust, unrealistic’

Human rights

Armenia and human rights advocates around the globe applauded Biden’s move, while Turkey responded with furor.

Yevnige Salibian, 101, is one of the few remaining survivors of the Armenian genocide.

101-year-old Armenian genocide survivor tells her story

An American minister organized a last-minute sea rescue of 250,000 people from the Ottoman city of Smyrna at the height of the Armenian genocide

The American who saved 250,000 from death during the Armenian genocide

Armen Demircian says he's found a home at this recently restored Armenian Church in Diyarbakir, Turkey — though he's not a Christian.

One man in Turkey struggles with his long-hidden Armenian identity

Harout Bassmajian in the family store, Arax Market, in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Even after a century, the Armenian genocide is a cornerstone of Armenian identity

TV celebrity Kim Kardashian gestures on her way to a hotel shortly after arriving in Yerevan, Armenia, on April 8, 2015.

Kim Kardashian (and the Pope) thrusts Armenia and its horrific past into the spotlight


Armenians have long been fighting for recognition for their darkest chapter, the mass killings in 1915 that they say were a deliberate genocide by the Ottoman Empire. And their cause got plenty of attention this week as the pope and Kim Kardashian both spoke out — in a way.

Cover of the book "President Calvin Coolidge and the Armenian Orphan Rug" by Dr. Hagop Martin Deranian

The White House says a rug gifted to Calvin Coolidge by Armenian orphans will stay in storage for now

Arts, Culture & Media

A rug woven by orphans and connected to the genocide of Armenians is sitting in storage at the White House. And like many things in Washington, it’s fate is wrapped up in politics.

Turks outraged over French passage of genocide law

Global Politics

A new bill in France makes it a crime to deny genocide in France. The Turkish government is outraged because the law also makes it a crime to deny that the Ottoman Turks massacred millions of Armenians during World War I.

Turkey’s only all-Armenian village a lens to the past

Turkey’s Vakifli Koyu is the only place in Turkey with a population that is only Armenian. The population is dwindling, but tourism and innovative agriculture have the residents hoping they can hang on just a little bit longer.

Syrian Armenian Refugees Back President Assad

Global Politics

Among the more than one million Syrians who’ve fled the war are Syrians of Armenian descent. Unlike most Syrian refugees, they’re Christian. And many of them fear that if Syrian Bashar al-Assad leaves, they can never go home again.